FlexiModal Runner Transport Anhänger - Demo

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bestellbar auf Wunsch (eigene Konfiguration)

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Die Anhänger von FlexiModal in Frankreich sind professionelle Lösungen für die Last Mile-Delivery. Während der Bicylift auch Paletten im Standardformat zuverlässig transportiert, ist der Runner auf den Transport von Rollcontainern ausgelegt.
The Runner is a practical and compact trailer that plays to congested urban areas (traffic jam, LEZ, ...) thanks to its mastered width of 89cm.  With its non-slip plywood tray of 165x65cm, the Runner can easily transport up to 12 standard  60x40cm boxes, adding up to a maximum of 200kg and transported safely thanks to its integrated overrun braking system.   More than a bike trailer, the Runner is your daily working tool. Being modular and having plentiful attachment points for the storage of your load, The Runner adapts to your everyday needs.