Winther E-Cargoo Shimano Steps Alfine 8 Forrest Green

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A Cargoo offers excellent road-holding capabilities, and it is easy to maneuver – also when you have to cut corners while carrying a load. The steering system is a head-tube solution with steering damper for a comfortable, stable ride.

The spacious box is 86 cm long and 70 cm wide. It has a lower front, so it is easier to lift children or heavy objects to and from the platform. The front has a stirrup making it easy for children to climb onboard themselves. A Winther Cargoo can take 100 kg in addition to the driver.

Farbe: Grün

Farbe: Forrest Green
Rahmen: Aluminium 6061
Bremse: Hydraulische Scheibenbremse
Schaltung: Shimano Alfine 8 Nabenschaltung
Radgröße: Vorne 20``
Radgröße: Hinten 26``
Reifen: Schwalbe Marathon Plus
Motor: Shimano Steps 6100
Leistung: 250WAkku: 504Wh, Li-ION 36V, 14Ah